Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slutty Scraps ??

I don't usually have much I want to blog about, but...
I'm wondering what's up with some of the new slutty-looking
scrap sites?? I'm talking about the scantily clad cartoon-women
in provocative poses. Since when do women promote this kind of CRAP!
Talk about regression..Anyone else notice this, but afraid to
say anything?
I for one think this is demeaning to women everywhere!
If I wanted crap, I could look at porn!
I welcome your thoughts here ( I think ;-) )


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

An interesting post Jaye. I have to admit that I personally design and buy kits that would be suitable for family photos and the sort of kits you are talking about don't really the boxes for this.
I assume there is a market for them, not quite sure which it is though. I personally cannot think of anything I would use them for.
As most scrappers are women then I can only assume that the market is limited in the scrapping field..but I could be wrong...I usually am!!
I do agree that as a female I don't feel comfortable with them, as stuff like this is not presenting women in an exceptable way. As you say it is surprising that it's women promoting them.I can only assume that if there is a commercial market there then people will make them.
Perhaps my views are old fashioned...who knows... but I do feel that it's up to we women to discourage the image of our sex as being merely attractive objects with their assests showing! We have so many other assets not on display that make us valuable people...not just provocative objects.
OK, I'd best shut up now...I'm rambling again!!

Pingus said...

It sound strange that woman should like stuff like that...
I have not noticed this kits - but I visit my favorites shops - and they dont sell bad products...
Could you show us one product as an example?
Could it be very youg scrappers who like it?
They are more use to this sexy style, after all they see in magasines and on TV

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I so agree with you Jaye. Myself personally, I like something that is ok for my grandchildren to see - family type things. Couldn't say it any better that June (census) has already said.

Jaye said...

Thank you for all the great comments so far !

Patty said...

I totally agree with you 100% disgusts me. I just don't get it.